Understanding the ManBox with Nicky Dhaliwal and Dr. John Izzo

“The ManBox” refers to a set of societal beliefs that place pressure on men to act in a certain way – these include notions like being tough, not showing emotions, being self-sufficient, being the the breadwinner in a relationship, using violence to solve problems, and having many sexual partners. The ManBox impacts so many young boys, males, partners, families, and eventually communities by isolating men emotionally and resulting in them channelling their anger into acts of aggression, conflict, violence and punishing others. Men who suffer from a lack of emotional connection generally struggle with higher levels of stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, failed relationships and shorter lifespans.

Please join Nicky Dhaliwal and Dr. John Izzo as they breakdown the ManBox, discussing what the Manbox is, who the ManBox impacts, and the importance of understanding the ManBox and it’s detrimental effects on men’s mental health.