Living in the ManBox with Nicky Dhaliwal and Dr. John Izzo

Boys and men struggle with living in the “ManBox” every single day. As a result, the ManBox has a great effect on men’s health, specifically their mental health. If you don’t fit in, you’re not seen as a “real” man, and not being a “real man” carries a great social price. When they are young, boys are taught that they need to prove they fit in the box, and as they grow into men, they believe that they must continually prove their worthiness as men throughout their lives. Men feel like they have to prove themselves by acting “tough”, not showing emotions or vulnerability, and being dominant.

Join Dr. John Izzo and Nicky Dhaliwal as they discuss why so many boys and men feel like they have to comply with the behaviors set out by the ManBox, how they feel trapped in the ManBox as well as how John has personally been impacted by the ManBox.