Sport as a vehicle for positive change

Blueprint identifies innovative approaches to contribute more positively to sports culture. We explore the impact of masculinity, sexual consent, inclusion and race to help athletes and coaches build a values-based narrative that improves personal well-being and provides a culture for ongoing character and leadership development.

Athletes participate in sports at really critical junctures of their life. For this reason, we felt that it was important to reach into this world and help young athletes understand how being a good person can leave a stronger legacy than anything they can achieve on the field or court

– Dr. John Izzo, PhD, Blueprint Founder

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We developed a pilot Sport program following consultation with thirty thought leaders from the US sports world including professional athletes, Olympic champions, coaches, agents and players’ associations to explore how sports can be used as a lever to enact positive change. The program was successfully piloted in 2019-2020 with NCAA college teams and with the Atlanta Falcons.


Stanford University Men’s Soccer Team

West Point Military Academy

University of Oregon Tennis Team, Golf Team

NFL Atlanta Falcons Rookie training program, 2019

I’m talking about my goals and what I need to do to accomplish them

– UBC Football Player


The Sport program has come home to UBC where we operate a living lab with the UBC Thunderbirds to test our hypothesis that male and female student athletes, as well as team coaches, can improve their personal lives and performance, and go on to build success and confidence outside of sport by becoming champions for personal values and integrity.

Through dialogue, participants ask themselves questions about their intentions and create accountability to themselves and their teammates.

Get Clear: What kind of person do I want to be, and how do I want to show up for all teams of life.
Face the Facts: Examine how am I showing up and how do I want to be different.
Make A Play: Take action to change my behavior and way of being in the world


Successfully delivered to 250 male athletes across North America


Stronger effort to be a good brother


More committed to inclusion on every team


Clearer on the kind of person they want to be


Working harder to include others


More aware of importance of sexual consent


Know teammates better as people


There are many faces in the stories of how Sport is changing the lives of athletes and coaches. Listen to how our champions of sport ask how they can be good players on and off the field.

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