Blueprint pursues applied community oriented research

We collaborate with community partners to understand the experience of men and their impact on others. We help men discover the best that they have to offer the world and take action to influence positive change. We share their stories as proof of what’s possible.

We are creating a Blueprint for men to be in healthier relationships with themselves, their families and communities.

We embed our learnings into communities for actionable change:

We partner with University of British Columbia to strengthen our research, innovation, and knowledge dissemination capabilities. Together, we are leaving a lasting legacy in British Columbia and beyond.

We need support from individuals and organizations committed to developing stronger and healthier communities. Help support this vital research to change the impact of masculinities on men and women in the world. Contact Director of Engagement & Partnerships Nicky Dhaliwal.


Blueprint is establishing a world-class interdisciplinary fatherhood research program at the University of British Columbia. We are asking, how does the experience of fathering change fathers and their sons and daughters? How do fathers’ behaviours, values and norms affect the morbidity and mortality of their children?

If you experienced a positive relationship with your father, we invite you to participate in our study.

“Fathers influence children important ways. Sons model themselves after their fathers; daughters model their relationships with men by their relationship with their fathers and their father’s influence”
– Dr. David Kuhl, PhD, MD, Blueprint Founder


Blueprint endeavors to transform the way society supports those who protect our most vulnerable populations. Military, police, fire and healthcare professionals take on roles in society that protect you and me from exposures to the worst of what happens to human beings (accidents and illnesses), the worst of what we do to each other (crime and violence), and the worst of what we do to ourselves (suicide). To prepare workers for these difficult and dangerous working conditions, values of stoicism and self-sacrifice are leveraged in training. These stoic service cultures silence members when they are struggling with the impacts of their service. Transforming the current paradigm of stoic service cultures is critical to ensuring the continued health of our communities.

Your funds will contribute toward impact, leadership and scholarship in stoic service cultures.


Living with Prostate Cancer — a group therapy program for men at the Vancouver Prostate Centre.

After The Game — Understanding The Experience of Athletes in Transition study developed for NHL Alumni Association to support professional hockey player retirement transition.

Military to Civilian Transition — literature report and review of the Veterans Affairs Canada Shaping Purpose Program. The research is in use by internationally recognized organizations, including Veterans Affairs Canada, NATO and US Veterans Administration.