Protecting those who protect us

If society is judged by our response to our most vulnerable populations, protective service workers e.g., first responders (fire and police) and military, are our first line of response. Blueprint is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being protective service communities and to leveraging their stories to model and inspire others towards healthy, resilient relationships.

We may delegate care for the vulnerable but we should not abdicate responsibility to care for those we delegate the task to.

– Dr. Duncan Shields, PhD, RCC, Blueprint Founder

There are many opportunities to support our efforts, but funding for research, innovative programming and impact-based storytelling is needed to effect lasting cultural change within these communities. For information contact Director of Engagement & Partnerships, Nicky Dhaliwal.


Honouring our never about you without you principle, Blueprint partnered with unions and departments to develop the First Responder Resiliency Program. We interviewed male and female firefighters and police officers to understand their experiences, sources of stress and mechanisms for coping with the regular demands of life and work.


BC Police Association and the Vancouver Police Union

BC Professional Firefighters Association (BCPFFA)

Worksafe BC

Wounded Warriors Canada

Atlas Institute For Veterans And Families



Blueprint used the initial research to create a uniquely upstream program for first responders to safely unburden themselves from operational stress and psychological trauma and maintain resiliency through dialogue with their peers.

The Protect Program is changing first responder culture.

  • Significant and lasting reduction in PTSD and depression.
  • Significant increase in self-compassion, quality of life, well-being and interpersonal functioning.
  • Improved work culture, team cohesion, engagement and performance.

We recognized an overwhelming need to change our culture within the fire service. Without a doubt, the change in the individual participants and fire departments across BC has been and continues to be extremely positive. The difference this program is making is significant; if we can be healthy and resilient at work, we can be healthy at home with our families!

– Gord Ditchburn, BC Professional Fire Fighters Association


Releasing operational stress changes lives and we want to hear your stories