Make leadership and workplace culture equitable for all

Blueprint is working with organizations and leaders to create a more connected, compassionate and sustainable world. We believe that men play a pivotal role in building inclusive workplace cultures that are rooted in acceptance, understanding and empathy.

Blueprint brings research-based approaches to help your organization engage men and leaders in workplaces as part of the solution to creating places of safety and belonging for all.

Together, we can help:

  1. Design new solutions, campaigns and actions to engage men in conversations for gender and racial equity and inclusion
  2. Adapt existing policies and practices towards enhancing employee safety and trust
  3. Shift workplace cultures through gendered approaches that enhance allyship and improve communications.


Blueprint and UBC Sauder School of Business 2021 research study, “Leading in the Wake of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter” explores how social equity movements have shaped conversations in business, and amongst those in positions of leadership, around issues of gender, race, diversity, and equity and inclusion.

The study was conducted with focus groups of C-suite leaders and quantitative surveys of leaders and front-line workers in the United States and Canada in 2021.

The study explores the following core themes:

  1. Current styles and models of leadership
  2. Attitudes about issues of equity and inclusion
  3. Attitudes about leadership training programs focused on equity and inclusion
  4. Commitment to mentorship, sponsorship and allyship


Supporting leaders, advancing equity

Blueprint created the Leading For Empathy and InclusionTM program to support organizations and leaders who want to create a better future, with real belonging and equity for all individuals.

With a focus on building understanding, leaders will learn how to create inclusion, explore the impact of exclusion, and gain specialized skills for demonstrating empathy and driving engagement.

Companies will notice:

  • Higher performance and innovation with data-informed strategies for inclusive workplaces
  • Interest from top qualified applicants who are seeking out organizations that support a diverse workforce
  • Leaders with a new skill set and perspective on the value of diversity and need for allyship, overcoming bias in leading inclusive teams, engaging team members purpose and values

Clients and Partners

Blueprint partnered with Heineken Mexico to create a dialogue-based program that will positively influence its corporate culture. Together, we engaged their 400 employees and raised awareness about workplace inclusion, diversity and empathy.

Blueprint supported Tecate, a leading beverage brand in Mexico, with advisory services to help them understand men’s lives and roles in preventing gender-based violence. The advice was translated into action with an award-winning online advertising campaign to address violence against women.