Blueprint’s response to charges against former UBC athletes

Blueprint has recently learned of the charges against the three former UBC Thunderbirds football team members. We are deeply saddened by the alleged actions and are further committed to our efforts to positively transform the sports culture in Canada to be more inclusive, safe and trustworthy to all.

Blueprint seeks to work with universities across North America to positively transform the way that athletes show up on the field and off the field, this includes addressing key issues of abuse, violence, sexual assault and discrimination. We reach athletes in their formative years to prevent incidences of violence, abuse and discrimination and to engage athletes in building more safe and inclusive communities for all.  Often, we hear that this is their first time talking about these important issues and we are actively working to change this narrative. We know this work cannot occur without the coach, parents, and university community’s expressed and ongoing support. We provide coaches with the skills, applicable tools and knowledge to coach athletes on understanding sex and sexual consent.

We have been involved with the UBC athletics program since 2020 to build a positive team culture and to support athletes in pursuing a more holistic, aspirational and healthy sense of self. We strongly believe that this is an important step in ensuring that such incidences do not occur, that sport becomes a safer place for all, and that we transform the campus culture to be free of sexual violence towards all.