About Us

Blueprint catalyzes a global conversation about the state and impact of
men in the world. Together, we are mobilizing men to be a force for good.

We enhance the well-being of men and communities, creating a safe space for men to share their stories with others who are willing to listen and respond with empathy. We are changing lives and transforming communities.

Blueprint is a university-based nonprofit organization that strives to impact society by improving men’s well-being and enhancing their positive contribution to communities. Through research, programs and storytelling we transform the stories of men and those who relate to them. We provide men with a Blueprint for reshaping their role in families and communities.






We invest in rigorous research methods to bring understanding to men’s struggles and the systems that shape their experiences. We create models and methods for men to contribute more fully to a sustainable future for all.





We create resources to help men and women live an integrated life and take action to become generative forces for good in their communities.





We catalyze dialogue that inspires men and communities. We galvanize voices to inspire government and stakeholders to facilitate transformational investment in research. We turn thought into action, working at the intersection of university, community and industry to change the systems that foster harmful behaviours.


Blueprint is committed to embracing diversity, promoting equity and fostering a culture of inclusion, mutual respect and reciprocity. We are allied to all genders in our work to positively influence the culture of men in service of families, communities and the world. Blueprint’s values reflect the way we work and describe our philosophy for decision-making and engaging with clients and partner organizations.


Living our values, by focusing on rigour, evidence and evaluation of everything we do, to demonstrate its impact.


Relentlessly telling the truth and walking the talk, recognizing that inner work creates outer reality.


Putting purpose before ego, valuing diversity, inclusion, and dignity.


Having difficult conversations, and ensuring a commitment to dialogue, not debate.


Exploring with openness, humility and a commitment to learning.


Tenaciously maintaining a cross-generational orientation for sustainability and legacy.


Acting with integrity and embracing the hard personal work that is essential to earning the confidence of others.


Seeking to maximize impact through cooperation and engagement with partners locally, nationally and internationally.


We are driven by our united passion to creating a sustainable, connected, and compassionate world.


Our Advisory Board fuels our mission. Bolstered by their own unique voices and experiences, they are leading the way to transforming the cultures of masculinities.

Gary Barker Promundo
Sarah Bevan UBS Bank (Canada)
Nicola Brailsford Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation
Michael “Pinball” Clemons Pinball Clemons Foundation, Toronto Argonauts
Blye Frank UBC Faculty of Education
John Furlong past Chair of Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee
Larry Goldenberg Canadian Men’s Health Foundation
Raghwa Gopal Innovate BC
Lyall Knott Clark Wilson LLP
Paul Lacerte Moosehide Campaign
Nancy MacKay MacKay CEO Forums
The Honourable Lois Mitchell past Alberta Lieutenant Governor
Doug Mitchell Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Mohammad Mohseni Mohammad H. Mohseni Charitable Foundation
Soussan Mohseni Mohammad H. Mohseni Charitable Foundation
Daniel Muzyka UBC Sauder School of Business


We cannot do out in the world, that which we cannot embody in our home. Our team is leading the charge to demonstrate a new aspirational masculinity with grace, humility and sheer dedication to creating a better world.

David Kuhl, M.D., PhD. Blueprint Founder

Wholeness: In speaking our truth through stories, we experience healing and wholeness

Duncan Shields, PhD., RCC Blueprint Founder

Community: Healthy communities need healthy men. Through dialogue, we create shared understanding and deeper connection for individuals and communities to thrive.

John Izzo, PhD Blueprint Founder

Belonging: The most basic human need is to belong. When we help people speak their story and hear the story of others, they find the belonging that heals.

Nicky Dhaliwal, MMgt Director, Engagement & Partnerships

Acceptance: we come into this work with authenticity, willing to acknowledge and accept the invitation and challenge to be different. To be more.

Paul Nakhla, BSc Research Associate

Honesty: Shared honesty enables us to form meaningful connections with one another, leading to more fulfilling lives and a deeper appreciation of our shared humanity.

Matthew Quetton, BA Contract CFO

Vulnerability: Veiled by our weakness, uncovered with the courage of vulnerability, lies our whole selves, and our great strength

Aynsley Wong, BA Organizational Coordinator

Authenticity: Living with integrity allows for truth in ourselves and our relationships with others


With generous and unwavering support from our partners we create healthier communities.